“They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
— Andy Warhol

A Little Bit About Me...

Nancy at work

You know me as your “Change Buddy,” helping you move forward to a better, more fulfilling life. But in case you are wondering what else I do, here’s a bit more about my background.

A member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), I’m a freelance writer with articles in magazines such as All You, Backyard Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Do It Yourself, Health Smart Today, Innovative Home, Smart Homeowner Magazine and Woman’s Day. Health and wellness, energy efficiency and “green living,” and self-employment and personal growth are just a few of the areas I cover on a regular basis.

I’m also the author of The Gifts of Change, (Beyond Words Publishing), which encourages readers to take a closer look at how they deal with the inevitability of change and ways in which they can use change to gain a new perspective, re-evaluate their goals and reconsider their options. My current book project encourages readers to say “Yes!” to opportunities and experiences that can transform their lives and move them closer to their goals. Click here to learn how you can share your story!

My essays and fiction can be found on the pages of magazines as diverse as The Chaffin Journal, Woman's Day, Stress-Free Living, Succeed, Tai Chi, Office Number One, Wanderings Magazine, Writer's Digest and Xtreme, exploring personal growth, emotional change and relationship issues.

And for those companies, organizations and non-profits that need the expertise of a professional writer to help them reach their target market, my company, Professional Writing Services, offers a full range of services from copy development to complete project management.

I love to teach, and host a variety of seminars throughout the country, from California and Minneapolis to Pennsylvania and Ohio. My personal growth workshops are a great way to “bust out of your rut” and move forward to a richer, more fulfilling life. And, in addition to teaching adult-level writing classes, I speak frequently on the craft of writing at writing conferences and workshops.

Need even more details? Then check out my other site, www.nancychristie.com, or drop me an e-note!